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To the parents/guardians of seniors,


In addition to making sure that your Yearbook Portrait is vertical, not lying down or upside down and cropped at least at your waistline, the La Follette High School yearbook staff and administration have formal portrait dress guidelines for senior portraits to be included in the yearbook.

Senior tributes


 LHS Yearbook Photo Submission Guidelines

ANY student may submit a photo to our yearbook site for consideration. 

To submit your photos: 

  1. Go to

  2. Type “La Follette High School” into the search bar. 

  3. Find our school listed and click on the orange “Shop the Store” button to the right.

  4. This will direct you to a page that you can use to buy your yearbook, upload photos and to purchase a senior ad. 

  5. To upload photos:

    1. At the top of the page, click on “Yearbook Snap”

    2. Enter access code: yearbook

    3. If you are submitting a senior photo, please click the box “This photo is a portrait” so that we know it’s a senior photo submission. Make sure to fill in your student’s name.

    4. Upload the largest photo possible (25MB max).

    5. Upload images with a .tif, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png extension.

    6. Don't use images pulled from the web.

    7. Click the “upload” button and choose your file

    8. Choose a category for your photo from the scroll down menu

    9. Make sure to put your student’s first and last name and email address

    10. Click the permissions box to give us permission to print 

    11. Submit! 

  6. You can also submit using our app: Yearbook SNAP! Submit photos directly from your phone!

Feel free to email Natasha Sullivan if you have any questions or concerns: