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Work Permits

Work permits are required for minors younger than 16 before they can begin working.

Students must first be hired for a specific job with a specific employer before receiving a work permit.

Items needed for a work permit include:

  • Proof of age – either a birth certificate, Wisconsin driver’s license, Wisconsin State ID, or a baptismal certificate.
  • Social security card
  • Letter from the minor’s employer stating the employer’s intention to hire the minor, describing the job duties and hours of work, and signed by the employer’s representative.
  • Letter from the minor’s parent or guardian consenting to the employment. Alternatively, parents/guardians may sign the letter from the employer.
  • $10.00

Open Work Permit Offices can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) website or by emailing or calling 608-266-6860 Monday-Friday 7:45am-4:30pm.

The closest Work Permit Office to La Follette High School is Common Wealth Development, located at 1501 Williamson Street. For more information on work permits at Common Wealth Development, visit their website, call 608-220-8155 or 256-3527 (ext 1561) or email

More information about work permits can be found at the Department of Workforce Development’s website.