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Madison Metropolitan School District

La Follette High School Course Catalog

Madison has a vision for all students – that they will not only graduate, but graduate with the skills and abilities necessary to be successful in college, career, and community.

We want our students to master academic content, build creativity, confidence and cultural competence, gain a strong sense of self and interpersonal skills and have a growth mindset to help them continually develop the skills and abilities to be successful. This vision for Madison’s graduates was developed with input from more than 2500 staff, students, and community members. And it is through our students that this vision comes to life.

Our graduates display a diversity of strengths, interests, skills, and bright futures that exist for every child in MMSD. In each of our students, we see them for who they are and who they are becoming.

How will I select my courses?

Each year, (typically in January) you will have the opportunity to select courses for the following school year: During course selection you will receive information about the various courses that are available to you from both school counselors and teachers. You will have the opportunity to consult with your teachers, your family, and your school counselor in order to make choices that support you in exploring your interests, complete graduation requirements and build the knowledge and skills needed to support your personal post-secondary plans. Other resources that will support you in your decision making include your Academic and Career Plan experiences and the postsecondary exploration and planning tools in your Xello account. We recommend that you review your transcript (accessible through your Infinite Campus account or from your school counselor) each semester to ensure that your academic record is accurate and up-to-date. Your transcript can also help you to identify what credits still need to be completed as you progress towards meeting all of your graduation requirements. If you have any questions about required coursework, we encourage you and a key adult to make an appointment with your school counselor at any time.

What specific courses do I need to take to earn my MMSD diploma?

Graduating class of June 2022 and beyond…  

4 credits - Including successful completion of English 1 and English 2


3 credits - Including successful completion of courses in algebraic and geometric concepts


3 credits - Including  successful completion of courses in biological and physical  sciences

Social Studies

3 credits - Including successful completion of US History and one semester of Modern US History

Additional Requirements

1.5 credits Physical Education, .5 credit Health Education, Civics Exam
1 credit of Humanities
(e.g., Art, Theater, Music, World Language, etc.)
Financial Literacy or successful completion of a course that incorporates financial literacy or consumer education

Deciding which direction to go

How do I support my student’s College, Career and Community Readiness?


Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Training Career pathways are a series of connected education, experiential learning, and support strategies aimed at helping students personalize and achieve their educational and career goals.

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