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Madison Metropolitan School District


Athletes are required to pay/fee waiver/arrangements of $115.00 for each sport.  There is an additional surcharge of $100.00 for wrestling and gymnastics, $118.00 for boys and girls golf and $800.00 for boys and girls hockey.

When returning to in-person participation in athletics, all 3 of the following need to be completed prior to participating in in-person practice.

To participate in athletics at MMSD, a student and parent/guardian must complete our online athletic permissions form found at:

Both the student and the parent/guardian wil sign in separately with their respective Infinite Campus logins to complete separate permission forms.

A physical, or alternate year card, has to be filled out completely by the health professional and parent/guardian. Physicals dated after March, 2019 are valid and current through the 20-21 school year and the following school year. This would require an alternate year card to be submitted for the 21-22 school year. Both of these forms are located at:

All athletic fees have been waived for the 20-21 school year.

The permission forms are submitted online and the physical or alternate year can be submitted via email or given to a coach who can also email it to the athletics department. Emailed forms should be sent to both Ms.Lindsay: and Mr.Rockhold:

In addition, MMSD athletics are governed by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association and athletes must adhere to the MMSD athletic code.
WIAA athletic eligibility is outlined here.