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Sean Storch

Dear Lancer Families,

I want to share some important updates on what we have been working on as a whole school staff. On Oct 26, our staff members collaborated together during a day of professional development. One of top strategies in our School Improvement Plan is to purposefully collaborate and reflect as professional learning communities in inquiry cycles around a critical reading process. We believe adult actions matter, and that by reflecting on our practices and student outcomes, we’ll identify ways to improve together as we support students to engage in critical reading.

Specifically, we learned more about the skills of warm demanders. A "warm demander" holds high expectations for students and expects all students to meet them. They convince students that they can and will meet these high expectations, and then put supports in place for students to meet them in a disciplined, accountable, and structured environment. Warm demanders support all students to learn and grow.

To develop skills as warm demanders, we also learned about the following ways to generate trust:

  • Vulnerability - People respect and connect with people who share their own non-perfect, human, vulnerable moments.

  • Familiarity - People develop a sense of familiarity with someone they see regularly in a particular setting.

  • Similarity of Interests - People create a bond/point of connection with people who share similar likes, dislikes, hobbies beyond any obvious race, class, or linguistic differences.

  • Concern - People connect when concern is shown for issues/event important to one another.

  • Competence - People tend to trust people who demonstrate skill/know

All of these practices align with our beliefs, values, and goals as educators at La Follette High School. Our amazing staff will continue to work hard together throughout the year to continue to support the learning and growth of each and every Lancer student.

We take care of our kids and each other, so that we all grow and thrive.

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Sean Storch, Principal