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Sean Storch

Thank you for your partnership this school year. We have been through a lot together, and I’m encouraged by the positive support that our families and community have given our students. Gratitude is so very important. When we focus on acknowledging and recognizing positive behaviors, we find that we see a lot more of them around school. We will always find what we’re looking for in our kids. In this spirit, I want to take time to review our positive expectations for Lancer PRIDE with you, because they are central to our identity as Lancers:

  • Personal Responsibility - Be accountable for actions, choices, and the results

  • Respect - Show consideration, appreciation, and acceptance

  • Integrity - Be honest, sincere, and use kind words and actions

  • Determination - Set goals and meet expectations

  • Excellence - Strive to do the best at all times

Every day our students strive to do their best, and to take care of themselves and each other. In the unfortunate circumstances when there are conflicts among students, we expect our Lancers to demonstrate pride in themselves and to help take care of others by doing the following:

  • Back away from the conflict and create space for adults to respond

  • Quickly tell adults that help is needed and give them information about what is happening

  • Never record or share recordings of individuals who are in conflicts or disturbances

  • Make good choices and help others make good choices to help them be safe and respectful

All of our work as teachers and support staff is focused on supporting students to learn and grow in a positive culture of learning. Our responses, interventions, and consequences are all in place to support learning. Thank you for partnering with us to help your child feel a strong sense of belonging and purpose in a safe and engaging school. I’m looking forward to a successful 2019!

We take care of our kids and each other, so we all grow and thrive.

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Sean Storch, Principal