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Sean Storch

Dear Lancer Families,

As we enter the 4th quarter, we have started the process of reflecting on student data that shows our success and growth areas this year, and thinking ahead to planning our School Improvement Plan for next year.

Our school supports MMSD's vision that all students acquire the skills and abilities needed to be successful, including a mastery of content areas, growth mindset, self-knowledge, creativity, wellness, interpersonal skills, confidence, cultural competence, and community connection. Through these skills and abilities, our students will graduate college, career, and community ready.

At La Follette High School, we believe that students learn best when they read challenging texts and share their ideas with each other through discussions and writing. When students respect each other's ideas, they feel a deep sense of belonging. When they see how their work connects to the real world, they feel a deep sense of purpose. Lancer staff work hard together to learn from each other the best ways to engage all students in this challenging and meaningful work. Our goal for all of our students is to support their growth in literacy, math, and a well-rounded education.

It is especially important to us to close gaps in achievement between groups of students, and focus on the growth of our African American students. We collaborate to use culturally and linguistically responsive instructional practices to disrupt inequities in our school, and help all of our students to achieve success.

In simple words, we know that Lancers learn the work by doing the work together. We focus on growth. We know that students need to feel a strong sense of belonging and respect, so that they can do their best work. We are committed to equity and closing the opportunity gap, and supporting all students to achieve excellence. A strong focus on literacy across all content areas helps our students develop the skills they need for success. We will continue to support students to develop academic and careers plans, so they see the purpose in daily learning, develop strong academic mindsets, and strengthen their sense of their personal pathway beyond LHS.

We want to continue to improve how we partner with you and our Lancer families to support student learning and growth. You are always welcome at La Follette High School, where we take care of our students and each other so that we all learn, grow, and thrive.


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Sean Storch, Principal