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Dear Lancer Families, Sean Storch

We are very proud of our growth and accomplishments this year, and grateful for your support of our students and community. Over the past three years at La Follette, we have seen growth in our graduation rates for all students, and specifically for African American and Hispanic students. We know this is an outcome of our hard work to build positive relationships, encourage and engage students in learning, and provide individualized supports. We know this is a growth journey that we are on together. We have a long way to go, but we are encouraged by our success, and thankful for the support we give each other.

This is a time of change. I am very excited to welcome our new assistant principals Cullen Haskins and Mat Thompson, who will start in July. We have a proud tradition at La Follette of recruiting leaders who make a difference. It is clear why our current assistant principal Beth Steffen will be the new leader at Edgewood High School, and why Bryan Grau will lead at One City Schools in Madison. They are exceptional leaders, and our La Follette team grew with them. We expect continued growth with our new assistant principals next year.

Every end starts a new beginning. As we prepare for graduation, we look forward to summer learning, and  welcoming 9th graders in the fall. We can count on many smiles this summer, many struggles, many successes, and many fellow Lancers to draw on for support. I wish you all the best, and look forward to seeing you over the summer!


Sean Storch