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Lancer Families, 
Sean Storch

Thank you for your partnership this school year. We are proud of the strong start our students have had this fall. Specifically, we are proud of how we continue to improve at closing achievement gaps in English Language Arts and Math. We are very proud that we are closing graduation rate gaps. We are working hard to increase our overall graduation rate, as well. Our hard work to build relationships with students and families, and support students to earn credits towards graduation is making a big difference.

We notice that we still have a lot of work to do. Our overall student achievement scores in English Language Arts and Mathematics are not yet where we want them to be. We also notice that more than 13% of Lancers attended less that 84% of school days. It is important for us to partner with families and students to improve attendance. It is critically important that students attend class on time to get the most out of every learning opportunity!

We see strong evidence that our School Improvement Plan focus areas are contributing to growth:

  • Schoolwide focus on close reading strategies, including close reading of math problems

  • Fewer 9th grade Fs, specifically students in our Health Pathway and AVID classes

  • Strong supports for specific 9th grade students has improved attendance rates and success

  • Focus on using culturally and linguistically responsive practices to engage all students

  • Supporting great teachers in close professional learning communities to grow together

To learn more about our strategies for growth, I recommend that you review our La Follette school profile ( /school-profiles), which includes a narrative about our focus as a school and results from our district assessment, which has been consistent over the past several years and allows us to track progress and set goals.

We’ll continue to monitor our progress along the way this year, and update you and continue to ask for your partnership in supporting your child. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

We take care of our kids and each other, so we all grow and thrive.