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Sean Storch

Dear Lancer Families,

At La Follette High School, we believe that each student can learn and grow, literacy is power, relationships and social-emotional learning matter, adult actions make a difference, and partnering with families is essential. Together we will disrupt inequities, through purposeful collaboration on culturally and linguistically responsive instructional practices. As we celebrate and value cultural diversity, each student will take pride, feel a sense of belonging, and have high academic achievement, and our class makeup and behavior data will be proportional to our student body.

We are focused on a common instructional strategy to support student learning and growth. All of our teachers will learn and implement strategies for providing scaffolds for students to write in response to a culturally and linguistically relevant and engaging text. As we make progress together throughout the year, I will update you on what we learn and the adjustments we will make to our collaborative work.

I encourage you to review our School Profile on our website, which describes our vision, strengths, opportunities, and strategies for continuous school improvement.

I want to remind you again that a big part of our Lancer culture is developing grit and resilience in our school and community. We have three goals for our students:

  1. Believe in yourself.

  2. Never give up.

  3. Earn a 3.0 or better GPA.

Individuals who believe in themselves and never give up always earn success. Students who graduate with a 3.0 or better are in excellent position to pursue the college and career pathway of their choice. In partnership with you, we believe we will help all of our Lancers meet these goals. We will never give up until we do. We take care of our kids and each other, so we all grow and thrive.


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Sean Storch, Principal