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Sean Storch

Dear Lancer Families,   

I’m proud of our staff at LHS, and I want to highlight the work we’ve done to continuously improve our school culture so that we all experience a safe, welcoming, and inclusive school climate. Our main focus is always on students first, and our goal this year is to build learning partnerships with students and families to develop a sense of belonging at LHS. We strive to do this by promoting positive identity, teaching social emotional learning, and developing self efficacy among our students. In other words, we believe in ourselves, and we will never give up.

Our Positive Behavior Support Team continues to develop and define the roles of PBS. The team reflected on student attendance and behavior data, and noticed trends where we can support improved student behaviors with improved adult practices. We planned professional development for all staff around Empowering Language from Developmental Designs, and created universal expectations around language. Although we missed a lot of professional development time together due to weather, our data shows growth in many areas, and we are confident that adult actions make a big difference for positive student behaviors.

I’m also proud of the work that the Community Expectations and Positive Recognition Team accomplished in coordination with our PBS Team and Student Council. We have redesigned our Lancer Pride recognition to be more inclusive, and to recognize growth in addition to achievement. We will maintain our high standards of a 2.5 GPA or higher, 94% attendance rate, no behavior referrals, and minimal tardiness to class. We will also add tiers of recognition for students who meet one, two, three, or all four of these expectations, and for students who show significant growth in any one of these areas. As a bonus, students have designed a T-Shirt that will be a Lancer Pride prize, and we are also planning additional treats, privileges, and honors for the year to come.

As next steps, we will once again review quarter 3 grade data together, and look for ways to support students to continue to learn with a focus on growth. It is very important to us to focus on supporting student attendance, and pilot ways to support students with positive acknowledgments and firm, fair, and consistent consequences.  Our Positive Behavior Support Team and Behavior Response Team are leading this collaborative work.

It’s crucial that every quarter, we check our progress and plan our next steps. It is this disciplined cycle of continually monitoring progress and improving that we believe will allow us to get the best results for all of our students.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback. Thank you for your support of your child’s education and our school community.


Sean Storch