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Lancer Families, 
Sean Storch
We are hard at work this summer preparing for a successful year of learning and growth at La Follette. I’m very excited about our progress! Last year, we reflected deeply on why we serve our students and families, and strengthened our collective purpose for how we teach. It is our personal commitment to partner with you to ensure our students learn and grow. We want all of our Lancers to grow to be the best they can be, and there is no limit to growth.
We also recognize that there are patterns of inequity that exist across our country and in our community, and that it is our responsibility to disrupt these inequities, so that all of our Lancers thrive. Everything we do is aimed at raising student achievement for all, and closing gaps in opportunities that lead to disparities in achievement. We are successful when all of our Lancers are successful.
To support the growth of all of our students, we will focus on the following strategies:
  • Close Reading - We will support our students to deeply read rigorous and relevant texts, mark the text to show their critical thinking, and share their ideas with others to learn with and from them
  • Close Relationships - We will be “warm demanders” who deeply understand our students and their needs, and teach them skills to build their academic confidence and persistence with hard work
  • Close the Gap - As students improve reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, and as they develop confidence and persistence, we expect growth day after day, which will narrow and close the gap between students, so that all of our Lancers are successful
As a partner with us in support of learning and growth, we want you to talk regularly with your child about these three most important ideas:
  1. Believe in yourself - It is a fact that all people can grow with hard work over time. There is nothing you cannot learn or accomplish. Your only limit is what you tell yourself you can’t do, so silence that voice that says “no” or “I can’t” and listen to that loud and proud voice that says “Yes, I can.”
  2. Never give up - It is sure to happen that our minds will get confused and tired, we will make mistakes, and we will fall short of our expectations. It happens to everyone. But special people like Lancers try and try again, get help from others, and take pride in working hard until they succeed.
  3. Know your goal - The goal is a 3.0 GPA. With a 3.0, you have choices for where you want to attend college, or what job you want to do. With less than a 3.0, you have less choice. When you have a GPA greater than a 3.0, then you will have colleges and jobs recruiting you!
We know that success doesn’t happen by chance. This upcoming year, we will improve on our work to support 9th grade students to be on track to graduation. We are also excited to launch our first personalized pathway, the Health Care Leaders Academy, and building real-world connections that link learning in the classroom with learning in the community and with industry partners. I also invite you to read the MMSD Annual Report on the Strategic Plan. Our success at La Follette is part of our success as a district.
Please take note of some important upcoming dates and times:
  • Wednesday, August 9th @ Lussier Stadium - Athletic Code Night from 6:00pm-6:45pm. Sport specific break out sessions start at 7:00pm. Food carts will be present for families to purchase food.
  • Friday, August 11th - Enrollment for students new to the MMSD from 11:00am-6:30pm.
  • Tuesday, August 15th - All-student registration from 11:00am-6:30pm.
  • Friday, August 18th - All-student registration from 7:30am-1:00pm.
  • Wednesday, August 23rd - 9th Grade Parent and Student Social from 6:30pm-8:00pm.
  • Tuesday, September 5th - 9th grade student orientation (only 9th graders attend school) from 8:16am-2:00pm.
  • Wednesday, September 6th - All students start school 8:16am-3:39pm. 

Looking forward to a great year, Lancers!

Principal Sean Storch