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Dear Lancer Families, devon.png

Our AVID/TOPS students have been hard at work. The freshman students reflected on Semester 1 grades and learned about growth mindset and how different types of failures can help students learn. Our sophomore students completed career and college research and made pennants that will be used to make an art installation in our new College and Career Center in Student Services. Juniors have focused on preparing for the ACT test by doing practices sets, collaborating to analyze questions and passages and by bringing in content specialists to give them tips on each section of the test. March 3rd is the ACT test and we wish our juniors good luck! Our AVID seniors are preparing to make the transition to college by discussing topics like imposter syndrome and how to find support on campus for first generation college students. Additionally, one of our AVID/TOPS seniors, Meriem Yahiaoui, was the LHS nominee for the Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year Scholarship competition. Meriem wrote essays, completed interviews, and gave a speech about community issues impacting youth. She did an amazing job and earned a scholarship. Finally, our AVID Site team led professional development for our staff twice this year to share instructional strategies that we use within the AVID elective class so that the strategies can have a wider reach to all of the students at LHS. Staff who attended these sessions had positive feedback and implemented many of the strategies into their classes. We feel like our staff is working hard to support all of the learners at LHS!


Devon LaRosa