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The first step in Enlisting in the Military is to meet with a recruiter. They will work with you on next steps. Read Enlisting in the Military and Military Entrance Requirements to get a general idea about what will be expected of you. If you would like to experience a military environment while continuing your education, read Service Academies and Senior Military Colleges. Admission criteria includes a Congressional Letter of Recommendation. If you would like to enlist and have the option of staying at home and/or attending college while you are enlisted, the Army National Guard might be a good fit. If you are considering enlisting after college, read ROTC Programs. You will need to take the ASVAB before enlisting. This multiple choice test is used to help determine which occupation best suits your abilities. La Follette offers the ASVAB in the spring. See your counselor for details.

If you aren't sure whether the military is for you, tap into a variety of resources. Talk with family and friends who may be veterans or enlisted for some time. Talk with recruiters in various branches to see which program may be right for you. Talk with Veterans for Peace, read both military and non military websites that discuss pros and cons. Just as you would with any other post high school plan/decision, learn about the pros and cons, weigh your options, and get informed. 

Army Sgt. Sean Lum 397-7322
Marines Sgt. Nance 358-4145
Navy Calson Bynoe 244-2294
Coast Guard    
Air Force Nick Frew 242-4606, 215-5499
Wis Air National Guard Anthony LaCrosse  608-807-6614, 608-243-2870
Wis Army National Guard  Josh Kammeraad 807-6676