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We have teamed with the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools to provide an easy way to give a gift. Gifts of all sizes are needed; since La Follette uses its donations effectively a modest gift will make a large impact. All gifts are tax deductible and you may direct it to a specific area of interest or give to a general fund that will be used at the discretion of La Follette’s Principal. All gifts donated to these funds are immediately available for use.

Simply click the "Give to this fund" link at the end of the description of the specific fund(s) that you want to support. You will be directed to that fund’s webpage where you may donate online or by check.


Supports activities and equipment for athletic instruction. Needs include sports uniforms, sporting equipment, weight room equipment and lockers. Give to athletics.

Business and Marketing

Provides support for business classes and training. Needs in this area include Chromebooks for class use, internship opportunities, and entrepreneurship training. Give to business and marketing.

Languages and Social Sciences

Provides support for language instruction and social sciences such as history instruction. Needs include laptops and workstations, language instruction software, speaker forums, college field trips, book club expenses, and physical facility improvement. Give to languages and social sciences.

Music and Arts

Supports music instruction and performance facilities and art instruction and student exhibits. Needs include music performance risers and portable stages, and supplies for art classes and individual exhibits. Give to music and arts.

General Use

Provides funds to be used at the discretion of La Follette’s Principal. Give to general use.


Provides support for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Current needs include graphing calculators for science and math classes, robotics related equipment for the Robotics Club, funding for summer science workshops, individual projects that teach kids about electronics, coding and making, and Science Olympiad Competition participation. Give to STEM.

Student Achievement and Diversity

Supports activities that leverage student body diversity for a better learning experience and provide essentials for students to make the most of their abilities. Needs include supporting Lancer KEY club, a student run club that provides a food pantry available to all students, AVID training and coaching, metro bus passes, and YMCA sponsorships for students. Give to Student Achievement and Diversity.