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Each month, La Follette staff nominate students for "Lancer of the Month." The focus varies each month, and staff are welcome to recognize students for any reason (excellence, growth, citizenship, kindness, etc). We want to recognize our students for all of the qualities that make them GREAT!

During virtual learning, all nominees will receive an email from their Neighborhood Coordinator to let them know who nominated them and why. In addition, winners will receive a $5 gift card in the mail. 

September - First Impressions


Kelicia Caldwell

Ray Anderson

Ja'Ron Tyler

Emma Perkins


Camyrn Chasas

Tristi Dawson

Kyle Lee

Lexi Waller Ramsey 


Asia Coleman

Cam Booker

Arya Walker

Adam Northington 


Charlie Amaral

Kallen Gill

Tekiyah Fulks-Fisher

Jordan Schlough-Gbedey