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Dear Lancer Families,

We are excited about the progress we are making at La Follette High School:

  • Our cell phone policy of “off and away” is helping our students to put people first, focus on collaboration with classmates, and engage in more time learning in the classroom.
  • With our focus on close reading, we are teaching specific strategies that support students to engage in meaningful conversations around texts, so that all students contribute great ideas to deep conversations.
  • We are all committed to working with students to earn credit and strive for a 3.0+ GPA, specifically providing intensive supports for students who are not yet meeting their full potential, and teaching all of our Lancers to believe in themselves as learners and never give up.
  • We are focused on supporting our African American students to learn and grow, and working with students individually and in groups to empower them to learn and remove barriers to learning.

We also recognize the following area we need your partnership and support to continuously improve:

  • Being present in class on time is critically important. We need your partnership to reinforce the message that being on time is a lifelong skill and that demonstrates discipline and integrity. It is important that students are on time to support their learning and the learning of classmates.

I am confident that we will continue to learn and grow together this year. The first term is almost complete. We are off to a great start together!

We take care of our kids and each other, so that we all grow and thrive.

Sean Storch,

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