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Dear Lancer Families,Sean Storch

We are working hard at La Follette to continue to learn and grow. I encourage you to read our school profile (English | Español) and learn more about our School Improvement Plan. Our goals this year include increasing in 9th graders on track, increasing the number of 11th grade students with a 3.0 GPA or higher, and increasing graduation rates. Specifically, we want to improve student literacy and increase reading scores on the ACT/Aspire assessments.

One of our most important strategies to accomplish these goals is to develop and support strong teacher teams. Strong teams support strong teachers. To continuously improve our teaching, we purposefully collaborate and reflect as professional learning communities in inquiry cycles around critical reading process.

We have made progress in developing our teams. During first semester, our team leaders worked with their teams to create beginning of year assessments, and then reviewed the results to develop student centered goals. These goals helped teachers focus on specific students to support. New teachers visited classrooms to learn more about the critical reading process from other teachers. Our central office support staff also worked with specific teams to support them to reflect on practices and make positive adjustments.

As we continue into second semester, our strategy is to support teams to reflect on the effectiveness of teaching practices. Specifically, we’ll look at pre-reading supports, and selecting culturally and linguistically responsive texts that engage students in learning.

To sum it all up - we are not only teachers, we are learners, too. We learn with and from each other, and that makes us better teachers!


Sean Storch