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devon.pngGreetings Lancer Families,

It has been over a year since our world turned upside down and our daily interactions changed dramatically.  As more and more people become eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine we can feel the hope that it brings and we are excitedly preparing for the next stage of our school year.  As the tides begin to change we have many important dates coming up:  

  • April 13th:  ACT opportunity for juniors at LHS (all other students have an asynchronous day)

  • April 20th:  all students and all classes will begin to follow our new schedule that we will follow for the rest of this year. 

    • Starting April 20th students will experience concurrent instruction where students will engage in learning communities that are a combination of students in the classroom and students continuing to learn virtually from home. 

    • We are excited to share more about the: College, Career, Connections time soon! This will be a time where students will be able to get differentiated help, build community and connect with teachers and other students, in a non-concurrent environment.  Students on Zoom and students in the classroom will be supported by dedicated teachers to meet their specific needs. 

  • April 20th: 9th and 12th grade students that have chosen to return in person will be welcomed back into our building. 

  • April 27th:  10th and 11th grade students that will be returning in person will begin

As we sense the nearing of the end, or at least a significant turning point in the COVID-19 pandemic, another pandemic continues to rage around us.  It has been a year since the murder of Breona Taylor and we are approaching a year since the public lynching of George Floyd.  Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen a steady rise in the hate, discrimination and violence against Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander populations.  

In the words of our Superintendent Dr. Jenkins: “One of the most important responsibilities of educators, families, and community members is to help develop a more informed and compassionate citizenry. This responsibility begins with our willingness to reflect on our own thoughts and actions. During these instances where we struggle to understand intolerance and brutality, we must continue to search within ourselves for the strength to fight for human decency. Only then can we truly engage in the ongoing work to address disparities and create learning environments where all students, staff and families can thrive.”

This year as we have navigated all of these things, together, we have stayed grounded in one saying:  Welcome to La Follette. You belong here.  As an admin team, staff, students and community we will continue to actively create spaces, conversations and make decisions that dismantle systems and structures that allow racism, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and other forms of injustice.  We will center on and rally around our most vulnerable students, families and communities, because we truly are better together. 

Devon and our LHS Admin Team