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When Tech Ed teacher Todd Faulhaber heard about the Tiny Homes Project in the fall of 2013, he immediately knew it would be a perfect fit for his Introduction to Construction class at La Follette High School. In January of 2014 Mr. Faulhaber created the La Follette Tiny Homes Project and construction began for their first tiny home.

Mr Fallhauber commented in a March CapTimes article that the stakes are higher "because someone’s going to be living there." Mr. Faulhaber previously had the students do online research and write papers on the tiny house movement in Madison.

Currently the project’s goal is to raise enough money so they can continue making these wonderful homes for the people who cannot otherwise afford a home. Hopefully this year more people will have a home for the holidays because of this wonderful effort! All involved in the project have enjoyed helping to create these homes for their "Mad Town" community! 

The La Follette Tiny Homes Project needs your help to raise money to build shelters in Madison for the homeless. You can help fund the purchase of materials for the building of tiny homes by buying one of our t-shirts for $25, and of course donations are gladly welcomed.  "text-decoration: underline;">All donations are tax-deductible, so this is a perfect time to make such a gift. 

Please visit the La Follette Tiny Homes Project fundraising page to purchase a t-shirt, make a donation, and make a difference!

Slide show of La Follette students at work.



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