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Please complete the REGISTRATION FORM as soon as possible prior to May 1, 2018. Guidance counselor and parent/guardian signature on the registration form is required. It is essential the correct COURSE NUMBER, COURSE NAME and TIME be listed on the registration form.  In order to complete registration, complete the registration form, obtain parent and counselor signatures, and drop it off to B37 or mail it to La Follette High School Attn: Room B37, 702 Pflaum Road, Madison WI 53716. Students will be scheduled for courses in the order that application forms are received. Students and parents/guardians will not be notified or called to confirm course selection. However, please check the IC Parent Portal to confirm the student’s enrollment for summer school. The summer school office will contact students and parents/guardians only if there is a scheduling conflict. Since summer school courses are 18-week courses condensed into six weeks, one day of absence is equivalent to three days during the regular school year. In addition students are expected to not be late for class due to loss of instructional time.

Summer school has a five day absence limit (excused and/or unexcused). Students who exceed this limit will be dropped from the class, no exceptions.


Summer School will meet Monday-Friday June 18-July 27 from 7:45 am - 9:45 am and from 9:50 am - 11:45 am. (No school on the 4th of July  June 15th last day to register must be at school.)


There are no course fees for summer school, and students who reside in the MMSD  attendance area do not need to pay tuition. However, students who reside outside of the  MMSD attendance area will be charged tuition of $499 per class. Several area districts will  pay tuition for approved courses. In these instances, non-MMSD resident students should  speak with their school counselor and MUST obtain approval from their Principal, or they will  be responsible for out of district tuition. All questions regarding tuition may be directed to  the summer school site principal (see contact information).  *Please submit a check or money order, not cash, for the correct amount to cover tuition. Make checks payable to “MMSD, Summer School 2018.”

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La Follette High School Summer School Office

Room B37 (Echoles Neighborhood Office)

Hours: 7:45 am -12:15 pm during Summer School (Mon-Fri 6/19-7/28, no school on 7/3 or 7/4)

Secretary Gretchen Kelley - 608-204-3644

Principal Jamie Duckert- 608-204-3608

Principal Jamie Sims - 608-204-3612

Dean of Students Johnnie Milton - 608-204-3579