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Athletic Director: Kevin Porter608-204-3656

Athletic Secretary: Mary Schneider608-204-3641

Fax: 608-204-0440


Athletes are required to pay/fee waiver/arrangements of $115.00 for each sport.  There is an additional surcharge of $100.00 for wrestling and gymnastics, $118.00 for boys and girls golf and $800.00 for boys and girls hockey.

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Athletics Calendar

athletics calendar


 Sport  Name Phone #
Baseball Ryan Mielke
Boys Basketball Curtrel Robinson  608-204-3641
Boys Cross Country Brady Nichols  608-204-3641
Boys Golf Ben Houseman 608-204-3641
Boys Swim Michael Radloff 608-204-3641
Boys Tennis Nan Perschnon 608-204-3641
Boys Track John Neumann 608-204-3641
Boys Volleyball Rob Schroeder 608-204-3641
Cheer Colleen White 608-204-3641
Dance - Poms Ally Kenison 608-204-3641
Football Scott Swanson  608-204-3641
Girls Basketball Will Green 608-204-3641
Girls Cross Country Matt Krall 608-204-3641
Girls Golf Nancy Seymour 608-204-3641
Girls Hockey 608-204-3641
Girls Swim Maya Thibault 608-204-3641
Girls Tennis Nan Perschon 608-204-3641
Girls Track Stephanie Greiber 608-204-3641
Girls Volleyball Tarah Harms 608-204-3641
Gymnastics Hannah King 608-204-3641 
Hockey Bob Wanless 608-204-3641
Softball Chris Acker
Soccer - Boys/Girls Dean Jones 608-204-3641
Wrestling Gary Skiles 608-204-3641