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 Administrative Assistants

Ruth Provides...

Linda Provides...

  • Student Services Department Support
  • PSAT sign up
  • Help with Scholarships, including the La Follette Local Scholarship Program
  • Help with Financial Aid
  • Maintenance of College Representative Visit Schedule
Position Name Phone / Fax
Student Services Secretary/Registrar Ruth Drifke (email) 608.204.3660 / 608.204.0439
Clerical/Scholarship Assistant Linda Dresang (email) 608.204.3659 / 608.204.0439

 School Counselors

School Counselors

We Provide...

  • Academic Support
  • Post High School Planning and Support
  • Social/Emotional Support
Student Last Name Counselor Make an Appt. Phone Text
A-E Jena Acker (email) Jena Acker 608.204.3665 920-644-5075  
F-J Judy Christensen (email) Judy Christensen 608.204.3614 262-261-3550
K-L & S-9th Graders Amy Schwab (email) Amy Schwab 608.204.3663 920-644-3711
M-R Calvin Taylor (email) Calvin Taylor 608.204.3662 413-471-9206
T-Z  Shana Dumbleton (email)   Shana Dumbleton   608.204.3664  920-644-3890  
ELL Students Emily Valdivia (email) (Speaks English, Spanish, and French)  Emily Valdivia  608.204.3615 413-489-2036


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 Social Workers

social workers

We Provide: 

  • Individual and group support
  • Support for alcohol and other drug concerns
  • Help with relationship issues
  • Assistance with conflict resolution
  • Help with attendance concerns
  • Information on Alternative programs
  • Crisis support
  • Community resource information
  • Assistance for parents with adolescent issues



Neighborhood Social Worker Phone/Text
Steffen/Echoles Michelle Olson (email) Phone: 608.204.3674  Text: 608-572-7211
Olsen/Grau Kyle Bollman (email) Text 608.571.5722 Phone: 608.204-3636 Appointment:

 PBIS Coach, Minority Services Coordinator, and Coordinator of Student Engagement

PBIS etc

PBIS Coach:

* Plans behavior expectations, activities, and acknowledgements to help improve student performance, school climate, and      social emotional learning
* Oversees and helps in the implementation of our school-wide PBS plan

Minority Services Coordinator:

* School Liaison for PEOPLE and ITA programs
* Black Student Union (BSU) Coordinator
* Family and Community Engagement Coordinator
* Partners with students and families to be an advocate for students academic, personal/social, and career goals

Coordinator of Student Engagement:

* Coordinates restorative practices
* Facilitates support groups
* Promotes student leadership, school engagement, and participation in club activities 

Position Name Phone
PBIS Coach  Betsy Peterson (email) 608.204.3666  
Minority Services Coordinator      John Milton (email) 608.204.3661
Coordinator of Student Engagement        Kit Laibly (email) 608.204.3777


La Follette School Psychologists We Provide:
  • Individual and Group counseling
  • Mental health support
  • Crisis support
  • Help for behavior or discipline problems
  • Help with grades and classroom issues
  • Educational programming (Special Ed)
  • Testing
  • Community resource assistance
Neighborhood Psychologist Phone
Wederath/Olsen Wendy Johnson (email) 608.204.3616
Meissen/Echoles Aaron Dickson (email) (Speaks English & Spanish) 608.204.3635


(left to right): Martha Pfister-Genskow, Rachel Gallagher, Anna Melville
 (left to right): Martha Pfister-Genskow, Rachel Gallagher, Anna Melville
We Provide:
  • Assistance with medical, dental or mental health care
  • Care for sick or injured students
  • Chronic Illness management
  • Screening for vision and hearing
  • Immunizations
  • Health Education
  • AOD assistance
  • Pregnancy
Neighborhood Nurse Phone Text
Echoles/Meissen/Olsen Rachel Gallagher - Nurse (email)                 608.204.3621                608-616-5171
Wederath Anna Melville - Nurse (email)                 608.442-2967                608-620-3309
Martha Pfister-Genskow - Nursing Assistant (email)                 608.204.3622