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Madison Metropolitan School District

Credit-Bearing Opportunities Outside of the MMSD High School Classroom

Students in the nursing program

The Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) wants to support students in accessing additional learning experiences of interest, outside of the coursework that students engage within their high school classrooms. To that end, MMSD offers a number of additional opportunities that support experiential learning, individual research, early access to college credit, and service learning. Information about each of these programs is provided below.

We also want to be clear that the opportunities listed below represent all of the MMSD board-approved options for earning high school credit, outside of what is earned through classroom-based coursework (see MMSD Board Policy #3450). While we encourage students to take advantage of the wide variety of educational enrichment opportunities available to them, (through online programs, summer study programs, language camps, leadership development camps, etc), we also recognize that many of these programs are fee-based and thus may be inaccessible to all students and families in our school district. In keeping with our beliefs about educational equity, and in recognition of the rich learning opportunities that are accessible to all through our school-based learning environments and approved partner programs, we will not transcribe courses and credits that are earned outside of courses offered in MMSD or outside the programs listed below.*

High School Credit Bearing Opportunities Printable Chart

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