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New Student Enrollment Process at La Follette

Staff will be available to virtually support (over the phone and with video meetings through Zoom) students and families NEW TO THE DISTRICT with the enrollment process on Thursday, August 13th from 12:00-6:00pm. A virtual meeting is required for all new students to verify documents.



Locate your Infinite Campus username and password to access the online enrollment system. Visit to fill out a form to receive an email with your username and/or password if you don't have it. Fill out the yearly enrollment information and pay fees online by visiting

Virtual Enrollment Support

Staff will be available to support students and families virtually (over the phone and with video meetings through Zoom) with the enrollment process on:

  • Monday, August 17th: 11:00am - 6:00pm
  • Tuesday, August 18th: 7:30am - 1:00pm

For support, call (204-3634 or 204-2563) or email during these times. Staff will set up a Zoom meeting if necessary.


Fees may be paid online with a credit card at any time without a service fee or by mailing a check to La Follette’s Main Office (702 Pflaum Rd, Madison, WI 53716). The District sends out monthly invoices for all fees owed once school begins. Waivers can be requested for some fees.

Textbook Fee

$35. This is a required Board of Education fee that is part of the District budget designated for textbooks.

Consumable Fee

$17. This is a required Board of Education fee that is part of the District budget designated for classroom supplies.

Activity Fee

$30. This is a required Board of Education fee that is part of the District budget designated to cover co-curricular District costs, i.e. materials and staff time not supported by club activities, anything non-athletic.  All students can participate in any activity.


$5. Optional fee. A planner is recommended for all freshmen and AVID students.  Planners are used as a learning tool to keep students organized.


$47. Optional fee. Yearbooks can be purchased online with other enrollment fees and can also be purchased later.  The price of the yearbook goes up from $47 to $50 after 1/1/21. 


LifeTouch portrait events at all MMSD schools have been cancelled through October 30th and will be rescheduled when in person school resumes. Until that time students can continue to use last school year's student ID.


Students will use the same Chromebook they used last school year. 

Digital Device Take Home Guidelines


Schedules will be viewable beginning August 24th in Infinite Campus and through the "Campus Parent" and "Campus Student" app on mobile devices.


High schools do not have specific school supply lists.  Supplies will vary based on individual courses.  Teachers will inform students of specific needs during the first week of school.


Information coming soon.


Please see the Athletics Website for more information about athletics.