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Class of 1968 - Please save the date for our 50th Class Reunion!

When: Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Reunion Committee is working on the menu, the cost and other plans for the event. Once we have the specifics worked out, we’ll email them to you and include the sign-up form. If you haven’t been receiving updates via email, send us an email and we’ll check our records to see if we have your correct/current email address. Send your message to If you would like the missing classmates list-- let us know. Visit our Facebook page: LaFollette High School Class of 1968!

Class of 1978 - 45 Year Reunion - 2023 

Email any contact info to    Please pass this along to others.   Also looking for pictures of high school days with classmates, and from recent years with classmates for our continuing slide show—please send to the email address above.

If you would like to donate to our class fund, CLICK HERE.

To order the slide show DVD from our 40th reunion, July 28, 2018,  CLICK HERE

Class of 1998 - 20 Year Reunion - June 23rd, 2018 

Eastside Club


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Contact Person by Graduation Year

1960's-70's 1980's 1990's-2000's
Class of 1966, Dennis Handel - 608-358-8633 Class of 1980, Gretchen Freymiller Tomson Class of 1990, Dena Bauer
Class of 1967, Bernice (Black) Lenburg - 241-0380 Class of 1981, Dawn Douglas-Mellom Class of 1991,  Trina (Rosemeyer) O'Gara (608-279-7775)
Class of 1968, Marilyn (Reis) Howell Class of 1982,   Class of 1992, Kris Guerin 
Class of 1969, Barbara Ebert, Gary Mathis, Mary Korn (Erickson, Tom Bewick Class of 1983, Tony Laundrie Class of 1993
Class of 1970 Class of 1984, Mark Redsten, Jennifer (Dent) Vlack, Mary Mayville, Jeni (Schultz) Hanser Class of 1994
Class of 1971, Georgia Pollard Class of 1985 Class of 1995, Kelly Sadler-Williams
Class of 1973 Class of 1986, Jenny Vaughn Mathison Class of 1998, Chelsea Fait 
Class of 1975, Celeste Richards-Gannon Class of 1987, Marvel (Kelliher) Browne, Kris Lerdahl Class of 2007, Gina Malagold
Class of 1976,  Kim (Davidson) Krall, or Linda (Hoel) Jones - 608-692-5406 Class of 1989, Kerri Jimieson
Class of 1977, Lori Thomure Hubbard
Class of 1978, Jo (Motisi) Witz

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If you have any questions, need help getting news out about a reunion, or if you would like something posted on this page, contact Anne Streeper at