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What is Achievement Connections?

Achievement Connections is a targeted intervention focused solely on mathematics, with the goal of reducing the achievement gap in the greater Madison area.

Students can join our program as Algebra 1 students when they are recommended by their math teacher. Once accepted students will be matched with a tutor for one-to-one sessions during study hall, lunch, or after school twice a week for at least a semester. Our sessions focus on both homework/test support and “filling in the gaps” using individualized student exercises.

What are the benefits of Achievement Connections?

  • Improved math skills and performance

  • Improved attitude toward learning

  • Improved self-image and engagement in learning

What are the criteria for enrollment in Achievement Connections?

Our program serves students that fit the following criteria:

  1. Must have 85% attendance or higher

  2. 9th graders in Algebra 1* with math teacher recommendation

  3. Students with a low C, D, or high F in math in the prior or current semester

  4. Standardized test results between the 25-50 percentile

*Students without Extended Algebra support.

*Achievement Connections cannot supplant mandated tutoring or other intervention services.

What is the process to join Achievement Connections?

Contact La Follette High School Achievement Connections Tutor Coordinator, Jack Jackson at (608) 204-3562 for information about the application process.