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Madison has a goal for all our students to graduate with the skills and abilities to be successful in college, career and community. This goal was developed with feedback from more than 2500 students, teachers and community members. You can see these skills above in what we call the MMSD Graduate Vision. Teachers support student development of Graduate Vision skills as part of the Academic and Career Planning process. MMSD is currently implementing Academic and Career Planning (ACP) in grades 6-12 to support all students in being College, Career, and Community Ready.

graduation vision with arrows

Through Academic and Career Planning students are beginning to answer these questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Where am I going?
  • How will I get there?
  • Who are we together?

As part of Academic and Career Planning, students will explore educational and career opportunities, reflect on growth, and develop high school and post-high school plans.

Each student will maintain an e-portfolio to hold evidence of their exploration, growth, and next steps. This portfolio is housed within Xello, a post-secondary planning website. At the end of 8th, 10th, and 12th grade, students will complete a Portfolio Presentation by sharing key items from this portfolio to tell their story of growth, readiness, and next steps with an adult.

At La Follette, students are on their path to being College, Career, and Community Ready!

ACP Homeroom- PCT Mondays (9:26-10:06)

  • During this time each grade level investigates and explores content to assist students in their ability to answer, process, and learn about themselves around their grade level essential question.

  • Freshman- Who am I and where to I fit at La Follette High school?

  • Sophomore- What career/ career pathway is best suited for me?

  • Junior- What post high school option is best for me?

  • Senior- How did La Follette assist in shaping me and my future success?  

Mark your calendars for get involved or participate in some ACP activities!

  • Back-To-School Night: Monday September 24. Come meet your students teacher as well as access resources for your student in our commons area. You will find an ACP booth there and we look forward to meeting you!

  • Student-led Conferences: Spring parent teacher conferences, we are planning to offer your student time to practice presenting their ACP portfolio to you. They will be presenting their portfolios in April/ May of this year.

  • ACP Portfolio Presentations: We will be looking for volunteers to assist in our grade level ACP portfolio presentations as either an audience member or interviewer. Having an authentic audience makes all the difference to our students. Dates TBD.

Summer Job Fair: We will be hosting a summer job fair for our LHS students to gather some applications and possibly interview on the spot. Look for more info closer to May to see if you would like to assist.

How do I support my student’s College, Career and Community Readiness?

How do I learn more?

Contact our ACP Coordinator!

MacKenzie Swanson

Follow La Follette ACP on twitter @LaFolletteACP